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We are ready to take you or your team on a journey into the future. Did you know that a lot of professions that are practiced today will no longer exist in the future? This is because of automation that is noticeable in all work fields, even in yours.

The role that us humans will take on in the industrial process will change completely. Most of us are focused on carrying out procedures and capturing existing systems. This will completely change in the next few years.

Are you ready for that?


The necessary traits that you and your team members need to survive in this fast-changing future are different from those of today. We need characteristics such as adaptability, resilience, resourcefulness, conscious leadership, self-care, creativity, cross-disciplinary thinking and dynamic flexibility.


In a fast-changing world, we must dare to respond in the moment from a future perspective while maintaining an overview and making targeted adjustments. This is what you need for the future!

How do we get started on this?

After a thorough intake  interview we will take you on a virtual journey through space. This journey  will give you a unique new perspective on earthly realities and your company.

By learning to fly in a flight simulator you will literally free yourself from the restrictive factors that limit your progress.  Step by step you will climb higher and as icing on the cake you will end your coaching-trajectory with a “Zero Gravity Flight” or a "Space Flight Simulation" during which you will literally experience the overview effect of an astronaut.


After you’ve experienced this trajectory you will have a clear view on the world and a sharp focus on what you have to do in the here and now on a personal as well as a social-economic level. 

From here on out you will go through life as a “Captain of the Future”!

Do you want to see yourself and/or your team land safely into the future?




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