Workshop "Mars"


Many teams are "locked up" in a daily routine and no longer see how to ace their targets in an efficient way in a world of highspeed digital transformation.

At the Space Training Academy we literally show you a different world!

An unforgettable, interactive presentation will put your position into perspective. You become aware of your position towards the others, your position on our planet, in the solar system and in the universe.

Concepts such as "Entrepreneurship", "Pioneering" and "Out of the Box Thinking" are put in a broader perspective.

During the workshop you  will take part in a role-playing game, simulating a landing on another planet (Mars), where your team must work creatively  together in order to survive.

"A real eye opener"

The focus of this training is at communication, decision making and leadership.

For whom? Executives and their teams.

The training is given by scientist, airline pilot and trainer-coach Nancy Vermeulen and takes one day.

It is possible to upgrade this day with a "Space Business Lunch".

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