The Sky is NOT your limit!


Belgian pilot and space travel expert Nancy Vermeulen inspires many with her immense perseverance and talent. During this event, she motivates you to do what you are good at and shows you that tomorrow’s world is already in progress today.

Be inspired by Nancy’s compelling life story.

As a female pilot she flew large commercial aircraft, amongst others, during the second Gulf war in Iraq.

Nancy’s passion for air and space travel brought her into personal contact with one of the largest pioneers of the commercial space travel industry, Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson.

As commander during her Mars simulation mission in the Utah desert (USA) and in particular with her vision of the future, Nancy invites you to literally travel with her through this wonderful "expanded world" in this event.

In her enthusiastic presentation, she talks about the difficult path she travelled to achieve her goals; she is therefore a powerful source of inspiration for everyone who wishes to achieve their goals!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Companies, associations and schools. The length and level of the presentation can be adapted to the audience.

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