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During her captivating presentation, Nancy Vermeulen will take you on a journey into the world of tomorrow - a future that is already well underway today.

This is the moment when today's visionaries become the leaders of tomorrow.
In "The Future is Yours," Nancy calls upon you and your audience to think outside of the box when addressing complex issues.

Valuable insights from aerospace and space exploration


During the most advanced technological journeys into space, it’s repeatedly shown that humans themselves are the critical factor. That’s why leading space agencies such as NASA and ESA are investing significant resources to understand and control these human factors.

In the aviation industry, the technical investment in quality and safety has been enormous during the past decades and the limit has been reached. To further improve safety and quality, intensive emphasis is now being placed on human aspects. In doing so, the goal is nothing short of achieving the best results and utmost excellence. It's no longer sufficient to choose pilots solely based on their technical expertise and knowledge. Their interpersonal skills now play a pivotal role.

Companies and organizations worldwide are currently facing complex challenges. The rapid rise of technology will completely reshape the competitive playing field. The looming threat of resource conflicts is intensifying due to increasing scarcity. As a result, our geopolitical world responds by venturing into space, and this response reverberates back to Earth. We are on the brink of a groundbreaking economic revolution, with an emerging space economy taking the lead role.

In a scenario very reminiscent of previous maritime and aviation revolutions, this shift promises to profoundly change our economy and business world. In this new era, companies will have to adapt to stay relevant.


Human factors as a key to sustainable growth and business success


Within the aerospace industry lies a true treasure trove of knowledge and experience that can serve as an inspiration for any type of business. During her presentation, Nancy unveils a wealth of insights in the realms of communication, leadership, information processing, assertiveness, empathy, and the delicate art of teamwork.

Investing in these human factors offers numerous advantages for companies accross various sectors. Not only can they further optimize safety issues, but they can also ensure well-founded profit models and quality. The ultimate goal is to pave the way for sustainable long-term growth, a course that extends beyond short-term quarterly profits.

Nancy doesn't simply rely on theoretical models. She draws on her own experiences and discoveries within the aerospace industry to help your business reach new heights. Take this opportunity to learn how to apply aerospace principles to launch your business to unprecedented success.


Diversity as a superpower: Practical tools for sustainable business growth


Based on her own personal experiences, she provides business leaders with practical tools. These tools are designed to fully harness our human potential and embrace our diversity as a powerful tool for cross-company collaboration and sustainable growth. Discover how to harness the unique qualities of individuals for optimal team results, all inspired by aerospace, where every member of the crew is indispensable for mission success.


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