Astronaut for a Day

Nancy Vermeulen

Space Training Academy


Train like a genuine astronaut and receive your first pair of "Astro Wings".

Travel to the Moon, dock with the International Space Station "ISS", learn to land a spacecraft yourself and enjoy the magnificent view!

Soon, you too can experience space travel and call yourself a "Space Ranger".

Astronauts that fly up into space and marvel down at the Earth, say that they are never the same person again after that. They experience what is called the “overview effect”. The evolution you go through as a person is literally a point of no return. Do you also want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a space traveller?

Welcome to Space, "Astronaut"!

Your day as an astronaut has been described by many who have gone before you as a "mind blowing experience".

The adventure starts the night before your travel with a "space dinner" at the Hilton Hotel Soestduinen (Soesterberg, the Netherlands) and a live interactive lecture that takes you into the world of astronomy  and space travel.

The next day we welcome you at the "Desdemona Simulator" where your “Astronaut Trainer” Nancy Vermeulen will prepare you  to travel to great heights!

This is the closest simulation that exists of a real space flight.

FOR WHOM? For anyone wishing to broaden their horizons...

We are organising the following training session in Soesterberg on 17 June 2019. 

Interested? Contact us to reserve your place and a personal intake interview!


Starts 16 June 2019: Hilton Hotel Soestduinen. Click here for practical information about the hotel.

17.30-18.30: reception

18.30-19.30: introductory presentation

19.30-21.00: “Space Dinner”

"Space Ranger" Space simulation programme on 17 June 2019

08.30: check out and depart for the Desdemona simulator

09.00-12.00: morning programme: Travel to the Moon and dock with the “ISS International Space Station”

12.00-13.00: lunch

13.00-17.00: afternoon programme: commercial space travel, Virgin Galactic style

17.00-18.00: presentation of certificates

Medical fitness

A medical examination is not required. You do however need to complete and sign a general medical questionnaire. Minors require written permission from their parents.

Total price: 5,400 euros per person (incl. VAT: 21%)

This is the price for the whole programme, including overnight accommodation, meals and insurance.

Your registration is only confirmed on payment of an advance of 2.500 euros, which must be received at least one month before the training starts.

"The impact of commercial space travel has the potential to transform our lives on Earth, breaking boundaries that have constrained economic and cultural growth since time began."






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